Tin plate the low carbon steel sheet coveredIt is called as Tin plate the low carbon steel sheet covered by two tin covers done by an electrolityc process. Easily tin plate gets add to the base metal, this is the reason the tin plate can be pressed, printed, shaped or bent till it gets complex shapes keeping the tin cover its own condition.

Our products highly fulfill the ASTM A-624 norm and it is supplied by rolls considering 12 tons as maximum or trimmed sheets as well.

AHMSA in the only one tin plate manufacturer in Mexico.

Tin Weld

The tin weld is an alloy done by a 60% of tin and a 40% of lead. The virgin tin gets burned by a 232 centigrades temperature and lead does by a 327 centigrades. Despite all this, a 60-40 these two metals alloy gets burned by a 190 centigrades temperature.

For getting a well done tin weld materials must be perfectly cleaned of grease, oxide or any dirt. For cleaning materials there are several methods but the cleanest and more comfortable one is the tin paste with resin.